Dream. Plan. Do.

September 9, 2021

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” -author unknown

That is so over-the-top, isn’t it? A sledgehammer proverb to motivate procrastinators and sluggards. Imagine laying that on your little 6 year old who says, “I really planned to clean up my room!”

But as audacious as it is, that proverb does make a point. All the resolutions in the world can never get us where we really want to be. Dreams are good. Goals are great. But actions get the job done. My trip to the gym this morning will actually do something for my body that all my wishes and intentions could not.

This is the last of my posts, this summer, on well-being. For the past 12 weeks or so I have been exploring the idea that our well-being can be simply measured and enhanced. There is a way to meaningfully increase our happiness, contentment and self-worth. The first step toward boosting our well-being is an honest assessment of the 6 Key Life Factors our lives are built around. They are…

Our physical health

The state of our inner world

The order of our lives

Our relationships

Our finances

Our sense of purpose and calling

I’ve provided links to each of their respective blog posts.

After you’ve compiled your assessment of each factor in your life you can begin to dream. “If you sincerely desire to enrich your well-being, then the next move you make must be all about your hope-filled imagination.”

When you’ve captured your hopes for each life factor you can get down to the business of goal setting. And you don’t need a ton, just a few seasonal goals for each of the 6 Life Factors that will move you toward your dreams.

Then, once you’ve assessed, then dreamed, then set goals you can get to work and DO! Remember that proverb about the road to hell? Conversely, the road to well-being is paved with action.

Dreams + simple seasonal goals + actions = well-being on the rise

Or simply…

Dream. Plan. Do.

A few other random thoughts about all this.

  • You can distill this well-being plan down to two overarching commitments – “I will be mindful” and “I will be intentional.”
  • You’re going to need a buddy to encourage you toward your well-being…maybe even a whole community.
  • I think this well-being project is one of the few ways we can transcend the COVID malaise.
  • It would be a good strategic move for business owners and organizational leaders to introduce this Well-being Project to their employees. I can help with that. Reach out to me!

So, there it is – the Well-being Project – a simple, clear, hopeful way to move you from struggling or merely subsisting to satisfied and maybe even soaring. Let me know how I can help!

I wish you well.










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