The final factor in your happiness

July 27, 2021

Even if your body feels ok. Even if you’re more or less at peace. Even if your life is generally in order. Even if your relationships seem to be healthy. And even if your financial state is sound. Your well-being may be less than desired. You may carry a lingering dissatisfaction with life.

It’s likely because of the 6th and final factor in your life.

This is the end of the beginning of my thoughts on personal well-being. This summer I have been exploring the 6 life factors that play into our sense of well-being. Well-being constitutes the overall state of our happiness, satisfaction and worth.

How is yours today, by the way?

Are you struggling? Are you subsisting? Are you satisfied? Or are you soaring?

I believe there are 6 factors that contribute to a person’s well-being. I’ve written on five of them, so far, and provide links here.

6 Factors that play into your well-being

Your physical health

The order of your life

Your relationships

Your finances

Your inner world

Your purpose

It seems like a luxury to focus attention on this last factor especially when other factors in your life are in disrepair. Who has the capacity to think about calling when you’re battling anxiety or a broken relationship or can’t keep up with your bills?

Yet trudging through life with nagging questions about the reason you exist, wondering what your ultimate “why to live for” happens to be, can cast a pall on everything else. Even people who are good at and enjoy their jobs can long for a deeper sense of destiny.

Here’s why…

“You were built to count, as water is made to run downhill.

You are placed in a specific context to count in ways no one else does.

That is your destiny.”

Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

That sounds like the stuff of myths and legends, but in reality it is the essence of your story.

First, you were “built…” You were created intentionally to matter. While I believe it was God who made you with great meaning, you might just see it as fate.

Second, you were designed to do good things in ways that no one else does or can. Step back and look at the intersection of your life story, your personality, your gifts and talents and your passions, and a calling emerges.

Finally, heroes and warriors aren’t the only ones with destinies. There is one with your name on it out there waiting to be discovered.

How does this make you feel? It awakens a longing, doesn’t it? For the last several years I have been the Johnny Appleseed of calling, planting seeds in hearts all over this country and world, trying to awaken professional athletes, CEOs, retirees, teens, fraternity guys, soccer moms and business folks to their “why” to live for.

Many of them weep as they allow themselves to dream about what could be…what legacy they could leave behind. You feel it, don’t you?

The 6th factor. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

I’m going to leave it there. If you are receiving my newsletter or reading my blog, you know that I’ve devoted my life, of late, to helping people solve the puzzle of their purpose, the confusion of their calling and the dilemma of their destiny. (Sorry, that’s my PAS coming out… Preacher Alliteration Syndrome.)

Here’s an offer. I’d be glad to conduct a workshop on purpose for your group or organization, or sit down with you one on one to walk you through yours. No lie, it will change your well-being and perhaps the world!

Stay tuned over the rest of the summer as I start to unfold the means to improving your happiness, satisfaction and worth. I’ll explore the concept of mindfulness and introduce a personal well-being strategy that addresses all 6 life factors.

I wish you happiness!





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