The People Project

Helping leaders create a culture of well-being and engagement for the human beings on their team.

The People Project©, led by Dave Rodriguez of Destinyworks, LLC is a series of employee and manager focused workshops that will enhance the well-being and boost the engagement of your team members.

The People Project© is a practical way for organizational leaders to address the crucial needs of their people while giving them what they long for, a voice in the organization and an effective connection with their manager.

Why is the People Project needed?


Leaders are facing unparalleled challenges in human resourcing. They realize they don’t have adequate strategies to retain and develop their people. Today’s worker is not just motivated by an appealing salary and benefits package. They desire meaning, well-being and connectedness.

Providing what their team members long for is not an easy task. People today are dealing with extraordinary personal challenges that complicate their work and personal lives. Societal changes and trends have further frustrated leaders’ efforts to care for their people. Leaders need help. They need new approaches to address their people’s hunger for well-being within the work context. They want practical, tactical ideas and tools to increase employee meaning and connectedness. Leaders are looking for wisdom and guidance in crafting these new strategies.

Just 24% of workers strongly agree wellbeing is cared about by employer. Retention, burnout and brand advocacy link to this employee sentiment.

(Dan Witter, Gallup Workplace)

The Great Resignation was not primarily about money but poor communication. Employees felt disconnected from and uncared for by their organizations, which negatively impacted the quality of their lives.

(Debra Roberts, Inc.)

In recent research reported by BambooHR, those Work-From-Home employees that have been asked to return to the company office are disappointed in what they’re finding. In a survey of 1,000 adult workers, 37 percent said “they felt worse in the office than even at their lowest point in the pandemic.”

(Dr. Bob Nelson, Inc.)

How does the People Project work?

The Destinyworks People Project consists of three half-day workshops, two for employees and one for managers.

The Destiny Workshop for employees guides participants in discovering their unique purpose in the world. It is a fast-paced mix of personal assessment, discussion and lecture designed to guide participants in creating their own Calling Quilt©, a personal roadmap to integrating their purpose with their job, career and life.

The Well-being Workshop for employees guides participants in enhancing their happiness, comfort and self-worth. It is a fast-paced mix of personal assessment, discussion and lecture focused on helping your people craft a practical strategy to address the key areas of their lives: physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, and more.

The Memorable Manager Workshop equips managers and team leaders with simple, practical tools that will transform their relationship with the team members they oversee, give each employee a stronger voice and ultimately boost their engagement with the organization.



Changed the trajectory of our decision-making for the better

Dave’s guidance has been invaluable at CCC. He knows how to cut through the tangential into the heart of the matter, and does so with candor and grace. His wisdom influenced, and in some cases, changed the trajectory of our decision-making for the better. Dave is knowledgeable, personable and visionary. Even more, it is clear he desires our success. I am confident that any organization would reap the same benefits from working with him. I heartily recommend Dave Rodriguez.

Ryan Pflum

Senior Pastor

Christian Community Church, Columbus, OH

Cut through the clutter

Dave has a gift of helping us cut through the clutter of programs and processes to focus on what we need to do to actually change someone’s life, how to impact their destiny.

Wynn Smiley

Chief Executive Officer

Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity

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