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As a personal coach, author and former pastor of a large church for many years, I have a wealth of knowledge in a wide array of topics from calling and destiny, to spirituality and faith, to leadership and people management.

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I have over four decades of motivational speaking experience in every imaginable setting…


churches, conferences, seminars, retreats, training sessions, and schools. I’ve spoken in sanctuaries and classrooms, under trees in the developing world and in the corporate boardrooms of America.

I’ll speak to whatever your people need to hear. Here are some general ideas of the messages I can bring:

Destiny, Purpose and Calling:

  • A Why to Live For: Where your destiny meets the broken places of the world
  • Destiny: Never mistake your job, career or role in life with your calling
  • A Groaning World: Where it’s broken and how we can fix it
  • How to discover your personal destiny

Life Management:

  • How to establish personal mentors for a lifetime
  • How to move from miserable to ecstatic: Finding love and significance in an isolated world
  • Establishing spiritual rhythms that will renew you to your core
  • Where you can find hope when life feels more like despair

Leadership and Team Management:

  • Slaying the 5 ethical giants of the workplace
  • The Ladder of Influence: Stepping up to lead in a way that people will follow
  • How to ditch voting and make decisions a better way – through consensus

Spiritual Life and Faith:

  • How to bridge the credibility gap – Why people don’t care about faith and God anymore
  • Living out of the center – the place where God dwells
  • How to heal the 6 Broken Places of the World

Invite Me to Speak

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