About DestinyWorks

Upon retiring from pastoral work, Dave Rodriguez launched Destinyworks as a platform for holding workshops and providing both personal and leadership coaching.

Destinyworks was founded in 2020 based on an idea – that every human being enters the world “hard wired” for purpose and meaning.


Dave had found himself, through his decades of pastoral work, spending a significant portion of his time coaching people to discover their “why”. Over time, this led to the writing of his book “A Why to Live For: Where your destiny meets the broken places of the world” and the development of the unique Calling Quilt© coaching process.

Upon retiring from pastoral work, Dave launched Destinyworks as a platform for holding workshops and providing personal coaching, both in-person and virtual, to guide people through the Calling Quilt© process.

Additionally, because of his many years of leading in large organizations, Dave began providing consulting services to a wide variety of institutions, primarily in the area of human capital and leadership development. Destinyworks has offered guidance for all size organizations, ranging from a national men’s collegiate fraternity to a large city-based social agency to a small-town local church.

A more recent addition to the Destinyworks playbook is the Well-being Project©, which was created to assist individuals in addressing the six life factors that affect a person’s ability to enjoy their best possible life and impact their world.

Destinyworks is based in central Indiana, but works with individuals and organizations from around the nation and world.

Meet Dave

Dave Rodriguez is the CEO and Founder of Destinyworks, LLC. He is an author, speaker, consultant and personal coach.

For more than 40 years Dave served as a pastor in churches on the East Coast and in the Midwest. Dave launched Destinyworks in 2020 to help people and organizations discover their unique callings and enhance their personal well-being.

Dave’s education was through the University of Pittsburgh and Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago. He also received an honorary doctorate from Taylor University.

Dave has been happily married to Penny for over 40 years. He loves and is proud of his adult children and is especially fond of his grandkids! When not coaching, writing or speaking you’ll likely find Dave enjoying music of all kinds or indulging in his hobby of cooking.

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