Personal Destiny Coaching

You can choose which form of coaching best suits you. A larger group workshop experience, a small cohort learning together or the intensity of one on one sessions. 

The Calling Quilt 

The personal destiny coaching I’ll lead you through centers on a unique Calling Quilt exercise that will provide insights on your destiny right before your eyes. The Calling Quilt captures your life journey, your personality, your skills and unique abilities and your passions. 

I will then work with you to connect the dots of your life in a way that reveals your destiny and your next steps in fulfilling it!

I offer three ways to work with you through your Calling Quilt.

One-on-One Individual Calling Quilt Assessments

I’ll help you become a student of yourself to capture all the unique aspects of who you are. Then I’ll sit down with you in a three-hour session to help you discover your why to live for. You’ll walk away with clear next steps to help your destiny unfold.

Large Group Destiny Workshop


This three hour seminar is an introduction to the concept of personal destiny and the Calling Quilt tool. You’ll join others in this online webinar who are interested in beginning the process of identifying their personal destinies.

Year-Long Destiny Cohort

Following your one on one Calling Quilt assessment I’ll pair you with a small group of five to eight peers who, likewise, have begun to identify their unique design and calling. Under my guidance, this small cohort will commit to meeting together three hours a month for a year to hammer out each person’s personal destiny game plan.
During these monthly gatherings we will discuss the critical “must haves” that make or break a person’s destiny.

Dave was truly a giant step forward on my journey

It begins with a fundamental starting point as basic as this: how you are wired is directly linked to a calling in life that is unique to you. Dave’s process mapped out memorable moments and people in my life, skill sets, and personal characteristics that contribute to who I’m becoming. It gave me confidence to move in a direction I knew I was intended to go. The insight gained going through this process with Dave was truly a giant step forward on my journey toward finding my destiny.

Joel Campbell

Technology Consulting Executive

It brought incredible clarity and purpose

The Calling Quilt exercise took the complexities of my life experiences, my personal preferences, passions, hurts and joys, along with the biggest and tiniest events in my life, and brought incredible clarity and purpose. It was an opportunity for me to pause, reflect, and discover in a non-threatening, joyful environment. But most importantly, it began the journey of ‘so what?’, discovering how my life experiences shape who I am to be for the future.

Daryl Cripe

Strategic Facilitator

Very few moments as influential as the few hours we had together.

Dave, in my life there have been very few moments as influential as the few hours we had together. That is no exaggeration. It was almost a "coming out" for me on some level. I've had a sense of destiny from a young age, and I have shared pieces of it with a few people. For some reason, I felt a complete peace sharing the whole crazy thing with you. A very strong part of your gifting is an innate ability to set people at ease and unlock deep places in them and draw them out. I have been different since that weekend. More assured, less in denial of certain qualities I've been leery of exposing. Closer.

Hunter Smith

Retired NFL Punter and Super Bowl Champion

Indianapolis Colts

A confidence boost mixed with a bright light of inspiration

The Calling Quilt exercise was a confidence boost mixed with a bright light of inspiration to help me see my WHY at a deeper level and all on one large piece of paper. My confidence boost came from seeing my perseverance, accomplishments and blessings thus far in my journey, and the inspiration was in the clarity of my big picture. My Calling Quilt hangs on the wall in my office and serves as a daily reminder of all of these great things.

Nikki Lewallen

Partner Performance Coach

A powerful, one-of-a-kind approach

This Calling Quilt process was a powerful, one-of-a-kind approach to helping me discover my “why”! Through this process of guided self-discovery and discernment, patterns emerged and a clearer sense of my calling was born. I am grateful for the opportunity!

Matt Harris

Financial Analyst

I would probably still be asking myself what if?

This was the most honest and open that I’d been about my life with anyone, including my own family. I am now doing what I’ve probably always known I needed to do, but without Dave’s unique abilities to help me figure this out, I would probably still be sitting on the couch in 20 years asking myself what if? I truly believe that I was meant for more, and I intend to live that out for the rest of my life, and continue to pursue it whatever the cost.

Rick Miles

Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst

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