“Nothing happens unless first we dream.”

August 17, 2021

The title of this blog post comes from Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Carl Sandburg. I agree with him, wholeheartedly. Dreaming unlocks the door to change. That includes dreaming about your well-being, your state of happiness, your comfort and self-worth. If you sincerely desire to enrich your well-being, then the next move you make must be all about your hope-filled imagination.

Picture yourself happy, comfortable and resilient. What is that dream? Can you describe it? What does it feel like? For many of us who live pragmatic, day to day, grind it out lives, the idea of dreaming is a tough sell.  We just don’t have the time for frivolous fantasizing that usually gets us nowhere. But you HAVE to…you MUST dream. That is, if you want to be satisfied with your life.

Let me make it a bit more accessible. It’s a lot to ask for someone to describe their life aspirations in one grand image. Let’s break that dream down into parts, crafting them according to each of the 6 Life Factors that define your well-being.

Side note: If you are new to this  blog, you likely missed my previous musings on well-being, including those 6 Life Factors. Here’s where you can access my blog, The Further and Fantastic JourneyIt would be good to take the time to review some (or all) of those posts going back to June of 2021 so that the dreaming you are about to do will be more effective.

Let me ask again – what is the dream for your life, but this time, specifically related to your physical health (Factor 1)? If you have done a proper assessment of your physical health as I recommended in my last blog/newsletter ,then you are primed to dream.

What do you dream of feeling like? What do you dream of looking like? What do you dream about your stamina and energy? Your sleep? Your diet? Write it down and don’t limit yourself with “I could never” limitations. Dream.

Now do the same kind of dreaming about your inner world (Factor 2)…your emotional, mental and spiritual health. Imagine that aspect of you settled and growing. Describe it to yourself. Capture the images that come to mind.

On to the order (Factor 3) of your personal world. Dream about the physical space you inhabit regularly being clean and orderly. Imagine your work/life balance as you wish it to be. Dream of a life no longer scattered but focused. What does that look like? Tell yourself.

How about your relationships (Factor 4)? Dream of love, understanding, companionship and joy between you and all your people. Who is in the dream? How do you feel about this?

Regarding finances (Factor 5), allow yourself to hope instead of despair, at least for a moment. What is your dream for financial freedom and satisfaction?

Finally, about your purpose (Factor 6) as relates to your work, do you have a dream? Can you envision a future in which you love your career, are good at your job, AND are pursuing your calling all at the same time? What is your dream for your meaning and destiny?

If you’re still tracking with me and now have 6 dreams in front of you focused on your health -inner world, order, relationships, finances and purpose – then you’re ready for step 3 in your simple personal well-being strategy.

Step 1 – Assess

Step 2 – Dream

Step 3 – Set goals

Step 4 – Plan actions

If you’ve just skimmed this newsletter/blog, please bookmark it and come back. Set aside the time, get alone, get comfortable, grab something to write or type with and hope boldly. Aspire out loud. Wish with abandon.


Next week we’ll take those dreams and start to put legs on them. In the meantime, hang on to this from Walt Disney…“If you can dream it, you can do it.”


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