Why isn’t God doing something about this mess we’re in?

October 6, 2020

Why isn’t God doing something about this mess we’re in?

That is THE question. Isn’t it?

Why doesn’t God heal the world from COVID? Why doesn’t he help mitigate the climate emergency? Why won’t he eradicate racism? Why isn’t he doing something about the tsunami of hatred that is consuming America?  Shoot. It’s not like we aren’t praying about it or fussing about it.


Actually, those are just the latest iterations of THE question that has been rehearsed countless times over the centuries. It is THE question that dogged me through my 42 years of pastoral ministry. How many times did I face an inconsolable person struggling to understand why God didn’t save their loved one? How often did I have to make a public statement to the church addressing a national tragedy? I even had to answer THE question in front of the local TV cameras.


Of course, the answer to THE question is some version of “I have no idea.” No one knows.

Clearly God has intervened in any number of miraculous moments throughout the years. I can attest to his hand at work in my own life, even when I didn’t ask for it! But let’s be honest. Divine interventions are comparatively few and far between.  Could he? Absolutely. But will he, this time, in the middle of our horrendous mess? I dunno.


So does this theological quandary indicate we should all just become deists? (Deists believe God created the world, then stood back with his arms folded to let things play out as they would without his intervention.)

Nope. Not me.

I believe God is ACTIVELY at work in and around us. Just not in a snap-his-finger-and-fix-things-kinda-way. He is bringing healing to our bodies, confrontation to our mask-averse selfishness, judgment to our racism, and even some measure of restoration to our planet! How? Through people responding to the summons on their lives to bring healing to the broken places of our world.

We are his hands and feet. We are his eyes and ears. We are the animation of his will. We called ones…destiny seekers…are like the brave firefighters out west on the front lines of the disaster. And if you are not, then why the heck do you say you follow Jesus? He warned you. If anyone would follow him they will have to “take up their cross daily”.

Stop fussing. Do something.

And if you are just paralyzed by the trauma of it all and unable to see your part, no worries. I can help you with that. Before you were born God formed you as a warrior for such a time as this. He summoned you. And he has something for you to do in the middle of this mess that will actually change things.

Call me. Text me. Contact me.

THE question remains. Why isn’t God doing something about this mess we’re in?

My friend, YOU are the answer.













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