Welcome to the fantastic journey!

July 28, 2020

I can make you cry. Here’s how.

I tell you a truth. That you are incredibly unique. A masterpiece, in fact. You have a unique life story, a uniquely wonderful personality, a powerful set of skills and a passion to do something great.

Then I say something like “I’ll bet you aren’t doing what you really want to do with your life, are you?” or…”I’ll bet you’ve lived most of your life doing only what you think you are supposed to do.”

And you’ll feel the emotions come. OK, so maybe you won’t cry but you’ll be at least moved. Won’t you? Shoot, you are right now. Just like many many people with whom I’ve had this conversation. Professional athletes, C.E.O.s, grandmas, college undergrads, pastors, doctors, politicians and soccer moms. A good number of them cried. All of them leaned forward in their seat as if to say “tell me more…”

OK I will. I want to take you on what Richard Rohr calls in his book Falling Upward the “further fantastic journey”. I want to show you a why to live for!

Who am I? My name is Dave. We’ll meet more in the weeks ahead. But for now…I am a man on my own fantastic journey. Starting over. Climbing my “second mountain”. At an age when many are winding down. Because I can’t shake this notion that if you would awaken to your calling, if you would courageously respond to the summons on your life, then the world would be a much better place.

And, oh my, it needs to be a better place.

So, let’s take this fantastic journey. Shall we?

Here’s where we will go in this blog. We’ll explore, deeply, the idea of destiny, the real cry of the human heart. The summons that beguiles us. As we do, we’ll take a clear-eyed assessment of our current affairs. What is going on in us, to us and around us right now. That’ll raise all kinds of questions about leadership and influence, which I’d like to probe with you. And it’ll highlight an elephant in the room. God. The really big elephant. Regardless of your spiritual affiliation or lack thereof you could stand a bit of a think on the divine. Me too.

All that is heavy stuff. So I’d like to mix in some musings on a few of my favorite things…cooking, Liverpool soccer, family, the Cotswolds and musical theater! After all it is a fantastic journey we’re taking isn’t it?


  1. Ryan

    Can’t wait!!!

    • Nanci Patterson

      I’m all in for the journey! I’ve floundered and literally almost lost my live during the past decade. My heart and mind and spirit and soul long to know what my destiny, my why to live for is, in this next chapter and season of my life.

  2. Elizabeth D

    Yay! I love firsts, and cheering on brave! This is fantastic, Dave!
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to say something….but not to you. I want to address those of us who read comments! (And I know they will come!)

    People! Yes, you. Hello! My name is Elizabeth. Just let me tell you, you have come to the right place if you want to explore the why and what for of being here on planet earth!

    Like Dave, I get excited when people awaken to possibilities for their life’s purpose. It’s a very special thing, I believe a sacred one, to discover just how beautifully you have been created. Dave has helped me begin my journey, and has the vision and heart to help you too!

    You may be feeling disconnected to your most true self, wondering if there is something more and if you’ll ever find it. I’ve got the best news! You are right on time, because you are reading this and one step away from finding out more!

    Please contact Dave and get going on a fabulous journey of discovery. Your destiny has waited long enough to meet you! Jump in and hang on! Get ready for an amazing ride to becoming fully you, fully alive!


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