Serial Tailgating – an observation

June 23, 2023

“Dude, back off!” is what I thought as I glanced at my rear view mirror this morning while driving downtown.

Turns out “dude” was a lady in a hurry, tailgating me for blocks while I stewed and mini-raged. That is, until I had the sudden sinking realization that I, too, tend to tailgate from time to time. And maybe not just in the car.

I think I might be a serial tailgater. Always looking past the guy in front of me, angling for the driving advantage to get quickly and efficiently to where I’m going. Zero chill behind the wheel. And there’s more…I tailgate with a LOT of things.

I tailgate my day with one eye on tomorrow and the next day and the next.

I tailgate tasks, too. While I give my attention to the thing in front of me, I am fussing over my whole to-do list.

I tailgate ideas. Don’t know how I do this, but while focusing on one thought I am simultaneously unpacking another novel idea.


So, armed with this alarming realization I sat down at my favorite coffee shop and spent some time contemplating. Here’s what I “heard”…three compelling questions.

“Where are you going?”

“Why are you going so fast?”

And the most fascinating question…”Haven’t you done enough for now?”

THAT one will stick. Stay tuned for more observations as I try to mix in some Zen. And I’d sure like to know if this resonates with you!

Meanwhile…here is some Destinyworks news

It has been a very busy Spring for me. I’ve had wonderful speaking engagements with some quality organizations: Moser Consulting, The Midwest Eye Institute, The Indiana Township Association and I preached at my home church, Grace Church.  I love speaking to leadership teams about wellbeing and calling, as well as growing in character, vision and influence.

My executive and corporate coaching continues to grow as I focus attention on a number of CEOs of non-profit organizations who are seeking direction in life management, enhancing the people-culture of their organizations and creating effective succession plans.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had a flurry of engagements with Alpha Tau Omega undergrads and alumni, speaking to hundreds of men in Chicago, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. I love interacting with these guys and guiding them to their destiny!

The bread and butter of Destinyworks, from the beginning, has been the destiny coaching I offer to individuals who are trying to wrap their arms around their calling. In the past few months, I’ve met a lot of folks who are at a crossroads in their life. Our time together has been rich, and from all appearances they’ve walked away with great energy, seeing the potential of a life lived with significance and purpose.

2023 has been a good, busy, relationally rich time.

So, how can I serve you or your organization? I am currently booking speaking engagements and private coaching slots for later in the summer and into the fall. I have just one or two openings for ongoing executive or corporate coaching for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. So let me know soon if you’d like to explore that option!

The best way to reach me is to simply reply to this email or head to my website for further details.

In the meantime…you’ll find me a few car lengths back working on my chill.


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