I’m a 3 wing 4. What are you? And why does it matter?

September 29, 2020

A quick note on the Enneagram. It’s my favorite personality assessment, especially as it relates to the idea that forms the heart of my business and mission.

Understanding your God-given personality is one of the four big objectives in discovering your destiny. The other three objectives are: exploring your life story, grasping your skill set and exploring your passions. When I walk a person or team through those four objectives and connect the dots between them magic happens. Destinies emerge.

Back to the Enneagram. I am no expert on it. But what I appreciate about it versus other personality assessments is that it reveals both the resourceful (positive) side of your personality and the non-resourceful (negative). It doesn’t sugar coat who you are. It’s not just a cool encouragement; it’s also a stark warning.

Here’s how it relates to your calling. Simply, the negative aspects of your personality are destiny killers and the positive aspects are destiny builders. Let me use myself as an example.

As a 3 wing 4, when I am at my very worst, I can be paralyzed by the fear of being unworthy. So much so, that I will do whatever it takes to avoid shame, including manipulate people. That’ll kill a calling in short order! However, when I am at my most resourceful, I can inspire others and organizations to great achievement. That’s a calling builder!

So, again, what are you? What is your personality? How does it shape your destiny? What aspects of you are holding you back? And what of your great characteristics are driving you to success in your calling?

Not a clue? I can help!

Let’s figure out who you are so I can show you why you are!


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