A person with a dream

August 15, 2023

I casually mentioned to the cashier, “You’re really good at what you do!” as she deftly and efficiently scanned my items and packed them in the bag. Her response was surprising…”Ha, it’s my next to last day of doing this after seven years. Tomorrow, I turn in my name tag and will be leaving this job.” I asked, “What comes next?” She lit up, giving me a summary of her life story as she finished scanning my items. She had worked at a weight loss camp, a school and a number of other organizations, all in roles that cared for people. “I love helping people!” she explained. Her “dream” next job is to work in the health care industry as a door keeper of sorts, being the first contact for people who are seeking help for their concerns. She was buoyant and all smiles as she painted her ideal future. She was inspiring! I wished her well and walked away with my own smiles.

A person compelled by a dream or a calling is a thing of wonder.

I’ve been bumping into a good number of these dreamers of late. Idealists. Inventors. Romantics. Activists. I think I want to tell you their stories, but need to get their permission to do so. You’ll be moved and likely impressed to consider what it is that moves YOU so deeply. I was.

But here’s the thing. Every single one of them, including my new cashier friend, needed someone to believe in them. To ask them what they are thinking. To listen attentively with patience as they articulate their destiny or desires. To ask them clarifying questions. To applaud or fist bump them. To acknowledge their passion.

It can be lonely living with a dream.

So, how about we believe in the visionaries and savants around us? Maybe your encouragement will be the very catalyst they need to get them over the hump and down the road to fulfilling a vision.

Just believe in them. Maybe they’ll change the world because you took the time to listen and smile.


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