Is there hope for human beings?

June 14, 2022

Human beings matter to me. They always have.

Since the fall of 1972, much of my life has been focused on helping and guiding other human beings.  That was when the pastor of my church pulled me aside and encouraged me (twisted my arm?) to form a group of teenagers into a choir to perform a musical for our church. It was my first experience in leadership….I was barely 17 years old. What has followed has been 50 years of coaching, pastoring, leading and counseling human beings of every type through every manner of life circumstance. In human beings I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the wondrous.

Humans have made me weep with joy, throw up my hands in frustration and occasionally ball my fists in anger. Human beings are as maddening as they are delightful. Still, I believe in them (us) enough to continue to devote my best days to seeing human beings thrive as they enjoy enhanced well-being and step into their magnificent callings.

I tell you this for several reasons. First, I want to inspire you to embrace your own humanity with great hope and courage. You are a masterpiece created to do things only you can do. You are deeply significant! Also, you are beloved and worthy of all the care and attention of others. Don’t doubt that!

The second reason I want to reflect on the nature of human beings is that the actualization of the potential of humanity currently stands in the balance. What will we be…magnificent or malevolent? I reflected on this a few weeks ago. Humans are the pinnacle of God’s creation, but right now we’re killing and debasing other humans at an alarming rate. Where do we go from here? Who will courageously and lovingly give themselves to the restoration of human beings? Who will patiently mentor, coax and discipline immature humans to discover their potential? Will you?

The third reason I am going to take a good part of this summer to reflect on people is to reintroduce you to Destinyworks – an organization that is designed to enrich the human beings of your life…maybe even you! As we enter the third year of our existence, our plan is to continue the good work of pointing people to their destiny so that they will realize their magnificence and make the world a better place wherever they walk. In addition, we will further our efforts to ramp up well-being in humans who, currently, are languishing in their unhappiness, discontent and poor self-worth. And in the days ahead I am very excited to introduce to you and to the world a new Destinyworks’ offering…The People Project…an initiative designed to help leaders and their organizations create a culture of engagement, connectedness and care for their most important resource…the human beings who make up their teams. I can’t wait to tell you about this!

But first things first – let’s talk about why human beings matter. Let’s reflect on the negative dynamics that are plaguing human beings in the early 21st century, and let’s consider how we might help human beings become all they can be.

Stay with me this summer and jump in with your own ideas. I read every response I receive! I’m sure yours will be brilliant! And, please, invite others to join us.

In the meantime, remember…you are a masterpiece and you are beloved. Don’t forget it!

Update on Destinyworks summer offerings:

  1. I have opened 2 more slots for Destiny Coaching in July and August. Summer is a great time to step back and consider your journey ahead. I do these sessions in-person in Central Indiana and virtually via Zoom for people all over the world.
  2. I am hosting a live, in-person Destiny Workshop on Saturday morning, August 13 at my office in Carmel, IN. Mark your calendar now and watch for further info coming soon.

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