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April 8, 2024

Like so many Americans, this past month, I got caught up in the phenomenon of women’s collegiate basketball. The energy, passion and drive of great players like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso drew me in. I was a fan!

Actually, I am a fan of anyone who lives from a sense of calling or deep purpose, like those women do. It has been my great joy these past 5 years of Destinyworks to guide so many people through the destiny discovery process of the Calling Quilt© . A new dimension of Destinyworks that I have been excited to launch over the last 6 months is the process of mentoring a handful of young entrepreneurs as they take off with their callings. I love helping people discover their “why” and then excel in it!

Two young geniuses I’ve been privileged to advise and guide from destiny discovery to inauguration are Dr. Milton Keys of Advocates Embassy and Dimitri Snowden of reversebus. (Milton to my left and Dimitri to my right in the pic). I will tell you more about Milton in a future post but for today let me introduce you to Dimitri.

When I call him a genius, I’m not using hyperbole. Dimitri Snowden is a software developer, EMT, Charter School creator, inventor, race car driver, web designer, robot builder and much more… a brilliant and compelling man. At my first sit-down with him, he reached into a case and brought out intricate scale model buses created from Legos. They represent his dream for reversebus, an organization committed to bringing resources to individuals who are chronically unsheltered, underserved and overlooked. Did I mention that Dimitri is also a Lego Master?

Dimitri, like so many of us, has a life story that is a mashup of joy, sadness, wonder and trauma. Part of his story included a season of living homeless. That experience revealed to Dimitri the constant friction that homeless folks experience as they seek food, hygiene, sleep and first-aid. As an catalytic innovator and inventor committed to healing injustice, he dreamed then launched reversebus. Seriously…take a look at the website! You’ll see what hooked me about him. You’ll also understand why leaders in several cities are already in discussions with reversebus to help them resource their efforts with their homeless populations.

Since that first meeting, I began serving Dimitri as Senior Advisor and chief cheerleader. I believe in him and reversebus. His passion, drive and brilliance drew me in! Watching a person’s calling come alive is engaging and rewarding!

What about your calling? Do you know your “why”? And if you do, are you excelling in it? You may not want to launch a whole new thing like Dimitri…but then again, maybe you do! How are you expressing your purpose? Where are you applying your genius?

Can I help? Let’s talk! Hit reply to this email and let’s begin a conversation about your destiny!

Side note to my Central Indiana friends:   I want you to meet Dimitri. I want you to see the Legos. I want you to feel the possibilities. Would you please join me at the public launch of reversebus on Sunday, April 21 from 4:00 – 6:00 at Field Brewing in Westfield, IN? Have a drink and some apps and enjoy the vision Dimitri will share. And, yes, we will be asking for a financial investment. You may choose not to invest, but this will certainly get your attention.

Here’s the invitation: Reach out to me if you have questions.


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