How to be admired. Six ways to have people think well of you.

November 2, 2020

As I was wrapping up a Zoom call with a longtime friend, I realized how much I appreciated and admired him. That train of thought led me to consider the other people around me whom I admire and who have had an impact on my life. Which in turn led me to wonder what it is about them that I admire so much.

Thus, this list. Here are six things my most admired friends do on a consistent basis.

  1. The people I admire show an unusual level of interest in others.

When I am around them, I find myself talking more about myself because they keep asking me questions. There aren’t many people like that. Too many people prattle on and on about themselves without regard to the person right in front of them. I do not admire such people. And I do not admire that in myself when I realize I have been hogging the conversation. The people I admire don’t just listen well. They remember things. They remember the things that concerned me the last time we met. They remember my family. They genuinely care. I admire that.

  1. The people I admire make themselves available.

I admire their prompt responses to my emails, texts and calls. This is tough, as we are all swamped with all manner of points of connection. (The other day I realized there are 9 ways to get ahold of me!)  I also admire the fact that they only cancel a meeting with me if they are as sick as a dog. And when we do meet, they are on time.

  1. The people I admire take care of themselves.

This is not to suggest that they top the charts in physical fitness, but they evidence self-discipline. They don’t appear sloppy. They’re put together. They seem to dress one level above what the situation demands.

  1. The people I admire are learners.

They always display a level of initiative. These are the people who read a lot and suggest books they think will benefit me.  When they do, I’m on Amazon right away because they’re always right! They have goals and dreams, and clearly are working on them. They are not rigid, but malleable and thoughtful.

  1. The people I admire say please and thank you.

They aren’t just polite, but always seem to be aware of how others are being influenced by their presence and desires. They are kind to servers and assistants. They are quick to express gratitude for the help of others. They look people in the eye and smile. And they tip well! Oh, and they never answer their phone when we are meeting.

  1. The people I admire live with a deep sense of purpose.

They evidence a sense of calling. They are not about building up their ego but shedding it for the sake of others. They are not takers but givers. They light up when they get to talk about the thing that drives them, the passion they live for. And they want the same for me and others. They are people accelerators. The world is simply better because they try to make it so!

Perhaps you can think of other things that cause you to admire another person. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please add a comment below.

Maybe we can push each other to be the best we can be!









  1. Steve Weber


    These are all good ones. I also admire people that lead well. They listen and seriously consider multiple advisers, use God given values as decision criteria, and are not afraid of making tough decisions/take tough actions. During COVID, these are also the folks that are disciplined enough to wear masks and practice behaviors that benefit others and the community as a whole.

    • Dave Rodriguez

      Agreed Steve! I too admire courageous thoughtful leadership in people!


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