Destiny Cohort Date and time TBD


Small group that meets in a 3-hour session monthly for one year to discover their personal destinies and begin living them out

$400/mo for 12 months – subsequent months will be invoiced separately

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Following your one on one Calling Quilt assessment I’ll pair you with a small group of five to eight peers who, likewise, have begun to identify their unique design and calling. Under my guidance, this small cohort will commit to meeting together three hours a month for a year to hammer out each person’s personal destiny game plan.
During these monthly gatherings we will discuss the critical “must haves” that make or break a person’s destiny.

Here are some of the topics we’ll consider in these year-long Destiny Cohorts:

  • How integrity and character turbo-charge your calling
  • How to deal with pain and sadness as you live out your calling
  • Why having a constellation of mentoring relationships is essential in living out your destiny
  • The Ladder of Influence: Where real leadership comes from
  • How to cultivate your inner life
  • The necessity of self-differentiation in a chronically anxious world
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